Artistar Jewels presents from September 20th to October 6th 2018 a selection of 34 artists who will exhibit their works in the prestigious Eleni marneri Gallery in Athens.

Located to the south of the Athens Acropolis in a space that stands on the remains of a Late Antiquity villa urbana, El. Marneri Gallery has played a principal role in Greece's vibrant contemporary jewelry scene. The gallery has a 30 year record of uninterrupted hands-on engagement with developments in art jewelry practice and has consistently promoted the work of an eclectic crowd of Greek and international artists. Above all, E.Marneri Gallery hopes to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and creative practices among all those involved in the making and promoting of contemporary art and design; a hotbed of creative dialogue between artists, curators, critics, galleries, and collectors from around the world.


The artists on exhibition are: Abel, Ana Viñuela Lorenzo, Anastasia Khazyrbekava, Andrea Rosales-Balcarcel, Anita Sondore, Annie Gobel, Art7, Bia Tambelli Creations, Dalaleo, Dan Russell, DiOZ Jewelry, Ekaterina Peresvetova Peresvetti, Federico Primiceri, Glauco Cambi, Izabela Chan, Malin Jansson, Maison Tjoeng, May Avital, Maya Ferroni, Meisam Ahmadi, MIMIKRA Kinga Sulej, My Golden Cage by Maria Elena Pino, MYRIAMB (Myriam Bottazzi), Nina Oikawa, Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art, Rosy Venetucci, Sonya Zograbyan for So Zo, Stacey Huang, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Tiziano Andorno, SVB-JEWELLERY di SIMONE VERA BATH, Vaidaan Jewellery, VERTIGO JEWELRY by Victoria Strizhak, Wanshu Li

Abel, "LORICA macramè armor"

Made of soft cotton, with the macramé technique, with the addition of superficially machined brass tubes. The necklace is part of the Ancient Future collection, authentic light and tactile sculptures-armors to be worn, where the ancient meets the contemporary for a timeless collection inspired by the modern woman warrior.

Ana Viñuela Lorenzo, "Ancestral Brooch"

This collection is based on the ancestors, who leave their brand, with materials of land, in symbols and dreams, offerings to honor the gods, protective objects for one and adornments for others. Materials that are transmuted from their origin to transform or to embellish the man.

Anastasia Khazyrbekava, "Desire"

The necklace is inspired by the nature of Israel, with its brightly blossom trees and flowers. Despite the arid climate and drought during half of year this country is indeed full of colours. The necklace symbolizes the strength and a thirst for life overcoming all difficulties.

Andrea Rosales-Balcarcel, "55th and 5th Necklace"

Sterling silver hand fabricated necklace with framed hand painted layers of watercolor and resin that recreate a painting originally done by the artist. The necklace was inspired by a watercolor sketch of the scene on 55th street and 5th Avenue in New York City and comes with a print of the original painting.

Anita Sondore, "Epinoia, collection I came to be”

“I dwell in those who came to be” in Egypt ancient manuscripts says Epinoia represents the creative Spirit, which prompted Eve to pluck the forbidden fruit. These are the words that aroused a deep interest in the spirit of divine creativity, its origins and values, as well as the story as a whole in the art of jewellery.

Annie Gobel, "Pink And Blue Ice Cream"

"Pink And Blue Ice Cream" bangle is a piece of Annie’s experiments with complex, geometric bangle forms that she obtained from collaging block toys. Made with mild steel and enamel. The application of pink and blue is to reminisce Annie’s favourite colours when she was a young girl.

Art7, "Officium"

Necklace made of black amber designed to imitate ancient fabric. The item was inspired by a French medieval heraldic motive of fleur de lil. The natural outer shell of black amber gives impression of dark velvet “embroidered” with a golden pattern of stylized lilies on its both sides.

Bia Tambelli Creations, "Lotus Ring – Portal Collection"

The Portal Collection is a symbol of deep inner knowledge and especially the Lotus ring, thanks to the stones, their geometric lines and the colour palette tells a story of personal introspection. The concept of spiritual growth is then perfectly embodied by the Lotus flower, the symbol of the apex of the spiritual connection.

Dalaleo, "ELIZABETH"

600 recycled tabs give life to this necklace, which is reminiscent of the Elizabethan ruffs. A necklace with a strong visual impact that has been created with maniacal perfection. The eye is lost in the game that is created, as in a labyrinth from where, however, it will never find a way out.

Dan Russell, "Waste-Full World - 2"

This is the second neckpiece from a collection of 3 pieces. The Collection was inspired by water pollution, plastic waste, and the adverse effects that are caused to bird and marine life. It is made from small wooden components built up to resemble abstract looking skeletal structures.

DiOZ Jewelry, "Bamboo nest tower"

The concept that inspired the artist to create this creative ring is the transfer of the neo-futuristic architectural project of Vincent Callebaut - Paris Smart City 2050. “Bamboo nest tower” is shown in the intricated ring as the idea of using a vent funnel as a ring burr.

Ekaterina Peresvetova Peresvetti, "Beetle pupa"

Bright and extravagant this ring is made of jewelry resin, molded by the author's form. Mustaches are assembled from gilded Japanese seed beads, hematite and brass with inserts made of natural pearls. The base of the artwork is made of steel, the size of the ring is adjustable.

Federico Primiceri, "LEVEL256 DOUBLE-RING"

The bi-ring belongs to LEVEL 256 collection and stems from the imagination and ambition to give shape and substance, in terms of luxury, to the protagonist of PAC-MAN. Level 256 is the level that no one has ever been able to view. The artist materializes the level by shaping white and yellow gold and precious stones.

Glauco Cambi, "ANTITESI VETTORIALE #1" – serie "Stonetale"

Made in lost wax and direct technique modeling, it pursues the charm of a precarious equilibrium, of the extension, and of the dynamic stress of surfaces and volumes, looking for a sort of perceptive alteration in contrast with the rigidity of the metal for a plastic fluidity of the composition.

Izabela Chan, "Modern Savage"

This unisex neckpiece is part of a contemporary jewellery collection attributed to primitive human instincts. Roughly processed natural materials: Gabon ebony, and sterling silver accented with black tourmalines, through a subjective designer approach results in a series of works with an appeal to the modern caveman.

Malin Jansson, "ARCH bracelet"

This bracelet is part of a series of bold jewelry in brass and silver. She has always been inspired by archways and architecture from the Middle East even before she started to work with jewelry. The jewelry is shaped while she is at the working bench in her studio. All pieces of jewelry are unique.

Maison Tjoeng, "Palm Springs"

This silver and white gold necklace is inspired by Palm leaf. Its bold design is both feminine and masculine. Open fronted and flanked by asymmetrical palm leaves, Palm Springs is molded to and drapes around the neck, with a hinge at the back of the neck to open and close.

May Avital, "The heart pendant"

Contemporary jewelry with geometric design. The classic shape of the heart is reinforced by the robotic and technological world giving the jewel a different character and intriguing presence. It has been created with a special technique producing unique movement surfaces made of metal and fabric.

Maya Ferroni, "Tetraego" 6.7cm x 5.5cm

The piece is made by using wax curving, casting, drawing and joint with experiment in hot soldering techniques. Geometry is fused with art in the tetraego ring, that represents the difficulties that face the human thought when is under the pressure of his own ambition. It can also be worn as pendant.

Meisam Ahmadi, "Along with Michelangelo and Shaikh-il-ishraq in 2017"

This Necklace is made in one edition with wax and casted with bronze. This artwork is a combination of the four elements. The base texture is wax and symbolizes soil. The wax is then heated by fire and after being exposed to strong wind it is poured in cold water, which indicates the creation of the earth.

MIMIKRA Kinga Sulej, "Dragon Flower"

This ring was made of thin silver sheet and colored black to remind of a predatory plant species. It won the first/second/third award at the Polish AFC Design 2016. The ring is unique, will not be replicated, and is extraordinarily delicate, an art object rather than a regular piece of jewelry suitable for daily use.

My Golden Cage by Maria Elena Pino, "Seal Pendant"

This double necklace with pendant can be worn in three ways. It is finely made through the processing of simple and complementary geometric shapes, tubular and square elements, in gold-plated brass, which are completed by high-end leather tassels. It embellishes and gives a touch of liveliness to every outfit.

MYRIAMB (Myriam Bottazzi), "Germogli di fossile fiorito"

The hope of the present in the liberation of the past that generates a new existence. The work is inspired by the fossil nature that revives, sprouts and flourishes. The irruption, in countertendency, of the human who gives life back to what was. Brooch made of satin sequins, agate stone, goose feathers, it’s a unique piece.

Nina Oikawa, "Geisha of spring"

This piece represents Japanese Geisha woman who is elegant, smart, strong and beautiful with a little dark background. She constructed a flower like form influenced by Geisha costume such as Kimono, hair ornament and Wagasa which is traditional umbrella. Her aim is to present rare and beautiful through the jewelry form.

Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art, "Icelandic Spar “PODS” Necklace- Jumbo" (large)

Lightweight and organic in form, this neckpiece is sculpted with heat and a flexible mesh material. Encased inside are three semiprecious Icelandic Spar cubes. It is finished with metallic gold leaf, paint and patina. The free-form shape and structure resemble web-like “POD” formations found in nature.

Rosy Venetucci, "Keemin"

The momentum of three important hand-engraved silver triangles, which support the light of a large stone, illuminated by white sapphires. On the lookout yellow gold spheres. A Prince capturing the divine light for his beloved. A little finger ring, which expresses a desire: an invitation to love and love each other.

Sonya Zograbyan for So Zo, "DeVice. A bracelet."

The bracelet metaphorically represents the clutches of the contemporary world that capture an individual in the society. The civilization is shown as being attractive and horrifying at the same time.The piece is made by hand using traditional jeweler’s techniques and industrial brass parts.

Stacey Huang, "Gift set necklace"

This collection presents the idea of bundling sale in supermarkets. As other pieces in this collection, the ‘Gift set’ necklace contrasts the precious with the everyday. This supermarket collection gets the inspiration from the international language of packaging and sales promotions.

Susan Lenart Kazmer, "INDUSTRIAL RELIC +RUNE-(or Factory Girl)"

This piece is built as a TALISMANS with embedded prayers behind the stone and hollow form cage and worn for strength, perseverance and endless life. Built to wear long and lengthy to stimulate all of your chakras. All connections are hand forged of sterling silver. Techniques used are soldering, brazing and cold connections.

Tiziano Andorno, "Spade di luce"

Rigid choker with quartz and diamond pendant. Nature blends with art and the virtuosity of the one who, with great inspiration and imagination, brings out light and life from the material depth molded over the centuries. The elegant and multifunctional jewel can be worn in different ways.


Ring in sterling silver, red gold and rock crystal

Vaidaan Jewellery, "CHAMELEON BRACELET"

A colorful integration of colors that bring together vibrancy and aesthetic appeal, this bracelet is an inspirational piece of jewelry built using safety pins, soft threads, metal beads and a whole lot of innovation. This bauble is not only unique, but also allows a domination of different colors on each side.

VERTIGO JEWELRY by Victoria Strizhak, "EXPAND necklace-tiara"

The necklace is a unique wearable peace of art, which can be worn both as tiara and necklace. The deployable construction of the jewel enables to modify its size with no clasps needed. Made of brass with 18k gold finish, necklace-tiara unleashes the artistic potential and beauty of mechanical expanding structures.

Wanshu Li, "Go with the Glow series Brooch II"

This unique brooch has a marine appearance that represents the dynamic moments of the waves of the sea. It’s the second piece of the Go with the Glow collection, and it’s made with acrylic, sterling silver, sequins and ultraviolet materials, that make the artwork glowing in the dark.


Anna Nava Liess

The past two years of Artistar Jewels meant the world to me. The 2018 edition was the primary reason that I made my brand official. I had been designing and creating for many years but mostly as a student. My confidence in my work wasn’t all that high but when you all took notice, it made me begin to take what I do seriously. It was a huge learning experience: I came home with a new mission to step up my game and I feel like I did just that. My confidence in my art continues to grow thanks to this amazing project.

Elena Franceschetti

Describing Artistar Jewels in three words? Audacious, professional and ambitious. Visibility is an important component, especially for those like me who come from "solo" projects. The opportunity to be part of this project and the possibility of being published in a contemporary jewelry book together with other talented artists from all over the world was really exciting and rewarding, especially after much work spent growing and establishing myself as an artist.

Nita Angeletti

The professionalism, genuine care, devotion and distinctive selection of the magnificent diversity of work distinguish Artistar Jewels. It is an honor and privilege to exhibit with them. All of the work in the 2019 edition was extremely fascinating. The quality and diversity of materials, styles and execution of the art was astounding. I look forward to Milano Jewelry Week. Milano is a global center for art and design and a perfect place for this event. The presence of artistar jewels will greatly enhance its stellar success.