ARTISTAR JEWELS 2022 (20 - 23 October)

Artistar Jewels is an annual project born in 2012, through which the contemporary jewel is promoted internationally. An important showcase for established artists and a springboard for emerging artists. The goal is to create important commercial networks for all the creative people taking part in the project.
Every year more than 100 international artists are selected to whom high visibility is guaranteed thanks to several initiatives.
- All the selected creations are published in the homonymous book Artistar Jewels, distributed in all Italian bookshops and in the major European cities. The volume is also sent to 5000 major contacts worldwide; buyers, gallery owners, luxury boutiques, fashion stylists, will be able to choose the artists and jewels of their own interest.
- All the jewels published in the book are displayed in an exhibition set up in a prestigious location in Milan. The exhibition is organized during the Milano Jewelry Week, the new week of the Milanese schedule entirely dedicated to the jewelry world.
- Artistar Jewels also makes available to all artists the online sales channel through which each participant can market their jewels all over the world.
- A jury of experts will select some jewels / artists who will receive important awards; the selected will also participate in various initiatives including exhibitions, fairs and exhibitions in galleries around the world.
- The event takes place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2022, together with the Milano Jewelry Week. The city will be surrounded by an uniqueness and artistic flair, welcoming the major exponents of this field from all over the world. International jewelry galleries, boutiques, ateliers and laboratories will animate the Fashion Capital in a calendar of events aimed at involving visitors in a unique experience full of quality contents.



The exhibition takes place in a prestigious location in the heart of Milan from 3 to 6 October 2022 during the Milano Jewelry Week. Artistar Jewels will represent the heart of the Milano Jewelry Week, exhibiting the creations of over 150 artists and designers who share the same dedication and mastery in gold and creative art.


The book is an additional tool for promotion. It guarantees that all the contents of the exhibition can continue spreading throughout the world over the time. The volume is distributed in Italian bookstores and in the major European cities, also shipped worldwide to over 5000 concept stores, galleries, personal shoppers, boutiques and journalists. To each artist is dedicated space for the images and descriptions of the jewels, the biography and the contacts. In this way both the enthusiasts (potential customers) and those working in the sector can directly contact the artist for purchases or collaborations.


The commercial network of Artistar Jewels expands all over the world. Through partnerships and synergies born with several commercial realities, concept stores and galleries, Artistar Jewels gives the chance to all the artists to have their own pieces on sale in physical points of sale across the globe. Partners can choose the artists and brands they want to collaborate with.The goal is to cross national borders and thus expand their business.


All the jewels presented in the exhibition and in the book are put on sale on the e-commerce website Through the online shop all the participants can find a great number of customers and reach the most suitable target for a particular type of product such as the contemporary jewelry. The web is a perfect world for making contacts all over the world, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Artistar Jewels press office deals with the dissemination of the entire project for 12 months. It draws up and spread press releases related to the initiative, provides graphic and textual material to magazinesto publish editorials, dividing the images by themes (eg Design, Art, Innovation, Green, Fashion and Precious) in order to facilitate the consultation by journalists. Each participant is supported throughout the year receiving help in managing contacts with the press. Moreover, in the press area of our website all the downloadable content, photos, captions and press review are included. In the previous edition, over 250 editorials were published in important magazines all over the world.



The web is now an essential showcase for promotion and Artistar Jewels makes use of the social networks, in particular Facebook and Instagram to increase the dissemination of the project and to present the artists to groups of followers specific to the sector. An editorial and social plan is drawn up adopting various communication strategies such as: creating suspense of the event with the creation of patches containing the selected jewels, publication on the portal of news related to the artists and collaboration with international influencers with whom Artistar Jewels has been interacting for years.


Every year Artistar Jewels is partnering with excellent international magazines. The presence of the project within distinguished communication means, makes sure that all contents arrive directly to a large number of readers, increasing the notoriety and prestige of its participants. Over the years, Artistar Jewels has taken advantage of the collaboration of online and paper magazines such as:


Thanks to the brand image that Artistar Jewels has developed over the years, the selected jewels that participate in the project have become synonymous with quality and innovation. Several international organizations have chosen to involve Artistar Jewels in initiatives related to the field. These synergies led to collaborations that resulted in an exchange of opportunities for all the actors involved. Every year, Artistar Jewels assigns important awards in collaboration with influential entities in the sector.


To participate in the selection of Artistar Jewels 2022 you must send the material specified below via WETRANSFER at
It is possible to participate in Artistar Jewels with 2,4,6,8,10 jewels.
- Biography
- Website, e-mail address, phone number
- The number of jewels you want to participate with (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
- Photos of the creations you want to have involved in the project, possibly on a white background OR on a professional model
- All information on the pieces, materials, techniques, etc.


- Unique pieces or small series
- Jewels with a recognizable style and a strong communicative impact
- Creations made with traditional materials and / or reinterpreted in an original way or research jewels created with innovative and / or recycled materials.


1. The Artistar Jewels team will contact the artists communicating the result of the selection
2. The artist must communicate with how many jewels he/she is participating in the project (2,4,6,8,10)
3. The artists who pass the selection will receive the participation contract that they will have to sign and send to the email address
4. At the time of signing the contract it will be necessary to pay the participation fee (bank details within the contract)
5. After the reception of the contract the press office will contact you for promotional information (modules related to the publication of the artist's information within the book and the ecommerce website).
6. All the selected creations must be shipped to the Artistar Jewels office at the following address: Prodes Italia Srl / Via Sansovino, 6 / 20133, Milan / Italy.


Anna Nava Liess

The past two years of Artistar Jewels meant the world to me. The 2018 edition was the primary reason that I made my brand official. I had been designing and creating for many years but mostly as a student. My confidence in my work wasn’t all that high but when you all took notice, it made me begin to take what I do seriously. It was a huge learning experience: I came home with a new mission to step up my game and I feel like I did just that. My confidence in my art continues to grow thanks to this amazing project.

Elena Franceschetti

Describing Artistar Jewels in three words? Audacious, professional and ambitious. Visibility is an important component, especially for those like me who come from "solo" projects. The opportunity to be part of this project and the possibility of being published in a contemporary jewelry book together with other talented artists from all over the world was really exciting and rewarding, especially after much work spent growing and establishing myself as an artist.

Nita Angeletti

The professionalism, genuine care, devotion and distinctive selection of the magnificent diversity of work distinguish Artistar Jewels. It is an honor and privilege to exhibit with them. All of the work in the 2019 edition was extremely fascinating. The quality and diversity of materials, styles and execution of the art was astounding. I look forward to Milano Jewelry Week. Milano is a global center for art and design and a perfect place for this event. The presence of artistar jewels will greatly enhance its stellar success.