Artistar Jewels è un progetto del gruppo Prodes Italia che opera da anni nel settore dell’alta gioielleria, del design, del lusso e del wine e dell’arte contemporanea.


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Artistar Jewels 2018

Artistar Jewels is Sold Out at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti

Milan, 28 November 2017

From the 22nd until the 25th of February 2018 at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan. It’s the save the date given by Artistar Jewels to all the experts and all the contemporary jewelry lovers.

Artistar Jewels is an event that gives an international and original perspective on the contemporary jewelry world, showing us the latest trends. The creatives will show their artworks, unique pieces or small series, selected according to their artistic value, technical testing e stylistic research. All the pieces are going to be sold on our website starting from next February, and the platform will be even more contemporary thanks to an accurate restyling.

170 international designers from more than 30 countries are participating in the 5th edition, showing more than 450 artworks. This year the event has registered an increase of the 20% compared to the 4th edition, closing the applications 3 months earlier than expected.

To enhance the exhibition there will be the creations of three main characters of the contemporary jewelry and art world: the Japanese conceptual artist Yoko Ono, the Belgian Pol Bury and the Parisian artist Faust Cardinali.

During the exhibition there will also be a special area with the creations of maison De Liguoro in collaboration with the Egyptian artist Reem Jano, winner of the “De Liguoro” 2017 award. Together with theme also the jewels of Gabriela Secarea, winner of the 2017 Artistar Jewels @Camera Lucida award, offered to the best Romanian designer.

In the volume Artistar Jewels 2018 all the designers are going to see published the pictures taken during the shooting organized by the Artistar Jewels team with the photographer Andrea Salpetre. The book published by Logo Fausto Lupetti will be available worldwide in all the national and international bookstores. The volume will be sent to more than 5000 experts, as buyers, journalists, bloggers and jewelry galleries. The introduction is written by Eugenia Gadaleta, marketing & communication manager of Artistar Jewels and communication teacher, together with Mariastella Campi, fashion journalist.

The Artistar Jewels participants are also involved in a contest and a jury made by experts is assigning the following awards:

Three winners will have the chance to join for free Artistar Jewels 2019 and to be part of the special contents of the 2019 book. One designer under 27 has the chance to participate for free in a goldsmithing course held by Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milan: a unique chance to learn the most important lab techniques, creating different artworks. Two selected designers will also take part for free in two international fairs of this field in 2018: Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam and AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair in Bucarest.

30 creations selected from the jury will be the protagonists of a moving exhibition in prestigious European galleries and international concept stores: as partners of the event, they are selecting some pieces among the exhibited ones to enrich their showcases.

“Artistar jewels is getting bigger and bigger thanks to the effort of the team and of the partnerships that we have established over the years – says Enzo Carbone, founder of Artistar Jewels – this is something more than an exhibition, it is a structured project aimed at giving value to the real talent and we are working so that we can ensure an international high level event, real visibility and business opportunities to our artists.”

The winners of the contest will be announced on February 23rd at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti with an event by invitation only.

Artistar Jewel 2018

February 22nd-25th 2018
Palazzo dei Giureconsulti
Via Mercanti, 2 – Milano

9:30am – 6pm


Award night: February 23rd 2018, 6pm(by invitation)

A. MARIN Jewelry, ABEL, Adha Zelma Jewelry, Aglaia Jewelry by Elisa Finoli, Amanda Brawn, Amanda Brighton, Ana Calbucci, Ana Paula Barbosa, Ana Viñuela Lorenzo, Anastasia Khazyrbekava, Andrea Barrail, Andrea Marazzini, Andrea Rosales-Balcarcel, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, ANGELA PUTTINI – GIOIELLI, Angela Simone, Anita Sondore, Anna Della Torre, Anna Nava-Liess Anna Nava Handcrafted, Anne Menzel Jewelry, Annie Gobel, Antonio Piluso – Pilgiò, Arpine, Art7, ARTEKUTHUMA, Asimi, Astrid Hut Indiva, ATELJE DR JEWELRY, Aurum by Gudbjörg, Bia Tambelli Creations, Bia Vasconcellos, Carlotta Baruffaldi, Carol Poubel, Carolina Bernachea, CESARE DEL BRENNA per GRAZIELLA, CHELLERI Anna-Maria Schelle, Chen2g, Chequita Nahar, CHET AXU, Clara y Trama by Marìa Angeles Visir, Claudia Breda, Cydney Isom Rashun Jewelry, Dafne Messidoro, Dalaleo, Dan Russell, Dilek Platin, DiOZ Jewelry, Dorothée Rosen // designer goldsmith, EDEF, Ekaterina Peresvetova Peresvetti, Elisa Cosaro, Elisa Tabakman, Elisabetta Milani – B.etoile, Emily Jane, Emma E Westmacott, Emma Fox, Emma Villedrouin, Ernesta Statkute, Evren Kayar, Farruggio Jewellery Design, Federica Guerini, Federica Portaccio – Resilienze, Federico Primiceri, Fernanda Manço, Fernanda Veras, Fontu by Tathi Fontoura, Francesca Caltabiano, GABRIELA RIGAMONTI JEWELS, Gaston Bijoux, Anna Nava Liess, Giale Mercolli, GIO di GIA’ DESIGN, Gioielli Dalla Terra, Glauco Cambi, Gry Grindbakken Fili, HIYU HAMASAKI, Hsinyu Candy Chu, ia.joyas – Ignacia Torres, Iris Mondelaers Jewellery, Isabel Betancourt, Isabella Nurigiani, Isabelle Géréec, IsaKowalski Jewelry design, Izabela Chan, J.P. Vellaco, JOHANNA KONDRATOWITSCH, Julia Martins, Karen O’ Sullivan, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei, Katy Tromans, Katya Wittenstein, Kinna Sturesson, Kotev Ksenija, Kylie Hiutin Leung, L. Skelly Jewellery, Lamcy 藍秋燕, Laura Agnello Modica (Lamb), LAURA VISENTIN CONTEMPORARY JEWELS, Linda Threadgill, LittleLake Jewels (Javier Díaz), Longo Design, Lorella Verrillo, Luca Ronco- Eyvia Gioielli, Maison Tjoeng, Malin Jansson Jewelry, Mamkaeva Maria, MANUALE JEWELRY, MAR IVE – Marylin Polanco, Marcia Lima Joias, Maria Echeverri, Maria Kotsoni Jewellery, Marija Ivanković – RUKE, Marija Liasenko, May Avital, May Gañán, Maya Ferroni, Meisam Ahmadi, Merve Öztemel, METAL + MINERAL, Michela Bruni Reichlin, Michele Benjamin, Mieke Boes Jewelry, MIMIKRA Kinga Sulej, MONICA IACOVENCO, Munique Polido, My Golden Cage by Maria Elena Pino, MYRIAMB (Myriam Bottazzi), NATAMA DESIGN (Natalia Facoetti), Nina Oikawa, Nobahar Design, Paloma Vega, Paolo Spinelli // Marco Spinelli, Parisa Gol, PATRICIA ALVAREZ JOYAS, Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art, Piano Bi Gioielli, PLAITLY by Caroline Quinio, Rhianne Wilson, Roberta Parlapiano, Roberto Fenzl Rimini Jewels, Rosanna Frapporti- Papier tout la vie, Sabina Brero, Sarah Tari, Shahpari Sohaei,, Sheila Westera London, Silvia Guarnieri, Simone Groppi Orafo Scultore, Sonya Zograbyan for So Zo, Stacey Huang, Stanislav Drokin, Straff, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Sushikatten, SVB-JEWELLERY di SIMONE VERA BATH, Tiziano Andorno, Touch by Olga, Tuula Harrington, Vaidaan Jewellery, VALERIA D’ANNIBALE JEWELLERY, Venetucci Rosamaria – formedarte, VERTIGO JEWELRY by Victoria Strizhak, Vido Jewels, Vincent Master, Vitti Ferria Contin, Vlad Glynin, Wanshu Li, WWAN(1), YJ Lin Studio Jewelry, Zydrune.

Special Area with De Liguoro’s creations in collaboration with Reem Jano Jewelry

Gabriela Seneca’s Jewels, winners of the Artistar Jewels awardin collaboration with Camera Lucida

Creations of the Artistar Jewels 2017 winners


Yoko Ono, Pol Bury, Faust Cardinali

Artistar Jewels is the landmark for all the artists and designers of contemporary jewellery. Through different strategies, it promotes them inserting them in an international market in constant evolution. Artistar offers several services useful to guide the artists in their professional growth, worldwide events, planning of customized communication strategies, creation of new business opportunities and placement in the market are only some of the services for the artists that entrust their growth to it. The main scope is the development of useful chances for our artists to get them to success.

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