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Artistar Jewels 2016

Artistar Jewels reveals its participants for the edition 2016

Artistar Jewels is presenting the third edition of its project and reveals the names of the designers and brands that will take part in this initiative: all the creative talents that contributed to the realization of a book rich in contents, in innovation and beauties. Artistar is an initiative that selects designers of very particular jewels in order to give them visibility in the best way possible by connecting them with experts in the sector: journalists, buyers and luxury boutiques. In order to achieve this goal, Artistar employs different channels of communication: the press, the web, the publishing area and the organization of events.

Among the different applications received by the editorial staff, the stage management selected the designers, brands and artists that will take part in the project with the intention to show jewels very high in quality; Alberto Longo, Aleksandra Atanasovski, ALENA, Alessandra Libonati – ALESSANDRA LIBONATI JEWELS, Alessandra Stagni, Alessandro Bean, Allan Scharff, Andreia Gariela Popescu, Anfiori Fatto A Mano, Angela Malhües Torres, Aniello Scognamiglio – Scognamiglio Gioielli, Argento Vivo Bijoux, Artefatto – Gioielli, Artisticalmente di Leonardi, Aurelia Yeomans, Banci banci jewels – Marzia Banci, Daniela Banci, Barbara Bongini, Begoña Rentero, BOTTA GIOIELLI, Capriotti, carmen scar, CESARE DEL BRENNA per GRAZIELLA, Christine Jalio, CR JEWELS – Cristina Raviglione, Cristiana Turano Campello, Daniela Pollio, Daniella Saraya Jewelry, Dario Scapitta Design, Elena Giustozzi, ELgioielli I.Attanasio e M.Migneco, Elifontana, Elisabetta Tozzi, Ellapolo, Emanuela Di Bella, Emanuela Salatino, Esther Dorothy, Esther Gilbert, EVANUEVA, Federjewels, Francesca Mo, Giacobbi Gioielli, Gisella Bianco, Artefucina Gioielli, Giuliana Di Franco Gioielli, Give Luxury Design / Giulia Vecchione, Glauco Cambi, Granievaghi, Hela Bonnell, Hiromi Suter Design, ID.FOR.FUN, Isabella Nurigiani, Isabelle Cochrane, Jana Schnappel Hamrova, JF Project, Jichang Chai (FrankChai), Korai x Kente by Ibekana Design, Labyrinths Bijoux, Le Carose di Pink Mood srl, LE CERAMICHE DI RO di Roberta Lunardelli, Linn Sigrid Bratland, Loretta Lam, Loretta Tryon/ Tryon Design Studio, LOUPE COLLIER, Madeinlidia, Maelle, MAGMA Laboratorio in Bologna, Marcela Salvador, Marisa Mereu, MIA’s, Milena e Sonia Trapasso, Mirca Maffi, Mirca Ti, Miré by Renata Manganelli, Mizuco Gioielli, Mohanna Mona, Monica Trevisi, Monica Ungarelli, noj – NOT ORDINARY JEWELS, Opro Norwegian enamel jewellry, Oscar GALEA, Paola C. Gioielli, Paola Gil, Paola Manni – nodini di cotone, PATA DESIGN di Patrizia Maule, Patrizia Falcone, QuillyPaperDesign, Rita Bey Yu Lin, Rosantica, Sandra von Rubenwil, Sharlaine Anapu, Silvana Sferza, Simona Petraglia – Anima&Mani, Spinelli Gioielli – Paolo Spinelli, SV Jewels Collection, TOMASZ JERZY PŁODOWSKI, Urban Slivers Design di Sacco Sara Carla, vacide erda zimic, Valerie Ostenak, Veronica Frencia – Mariveis – Gioielli Tessili, Wiebke Pandikow, Wishing on a Star Jewelry.

Artistar Jewels 2016 is characterized by different initiatives: the publication of an international book, an exhibition and the selling of the jewels online. The book will be distributed in the main book shops in Italy and in the capital cities around Europe. It will be also sent to more than 5000 professionals in the jewellery sector. Through this activity it is meant to build a specific network connecting the jewellery designers, journalists, and different kinds of buyers. The book, in particular intends to communicate to its recipients, the aesthetic taste, the craftsmanship quality and the artistic value of the creations published.

Once again, Artistar organizes an event exhibiting more than 200 jewels coming from all over the world. HOMI will be the location specifically selected in order to give the participants a great visibility along with the possibility to meet international buyers. The official launch of the book Artistar Jewels 2016 will take place during the trade fair HOMI with the contribution of different special guests: Enzo Carbone, the founder of Artistar, Eugenia Gadaleta, fashion communication and writer for Vogue Gioiello and Klimt02 Contributor, Gloria Tonini, editor of the magazine Collezioni published by Logos Publishing, and Daniele Lupetti, publisher of the book Artistar Jewels 2016.

We are a collective of designers, architects, journalists and communication expert aiming to promote design and creativity. Through the web portal, we connect all the key players in the industry by offering multiple services. The portal collects numerous professional operating in the art and international contemporary jewelry sector in order to offer them a dynamic and rich network. Website subscribers have the opportunity to create a personal profile that can be managed independently, providing information related to their job: a virtual storefront to spread their creativity easily and in real time. Site visitors can have a look at the pieces, learn about the design philosophy of their creators and might contact the artists. Registered users can enjoy a wide range of services useful for promotion and work training. They are also offered contests, free workshops, events, business partnerships and much more.

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