Artistar Jewels è un progetto del gruppo Prodes Italia che opera da anni nel settore dell’alta gioielleria, del design, del lusso e del wine e dell’arte contemporanea.


Via Sansovino 6 20133 Milano

+39 02 3658 0208

Daniella Saraya

Daniella is a goldsmith and contemporary jewelry designer, born and raised in Israel. She graduated in Jewelry Design (2013) and in M.A in multidisciplinary design (2016) at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Daniella tries to analyze conceptual and aesthetic questions in the jewelry field, to explore the boundaries of their function and essence. The artist participated in Artistar Jewels in the 2016 edition, and was one of her first international exhibitions experiences. For the first time her works have been professionally photographed, thus helping her improving and affirming her creations. Daniella was very impressed by the volume, so professional and accurate, which brought her an excellent internationally feedback. In recent years her brand has crossed the Israeli borders, participating in over 15 projects in the major European capitals. She is present in many international galleries, including Creativity Oggetti, a Concept Store based in Turin that has always been linked to Artistar Jewels and its talented artists. On a commercial level, Daniella is literally flooded with requests, both on her well-kept website, where clients can admire her extraordinary creations, and on her instagram profile. Her relationship with social media has also changed following her participation in Artistar Jewels: seeing how other artists use images to promote their art has improved her communication skills, making her fully understand how to show her jewelry in the best way. Daniella involves her audience through the narration of true stories, taking full advantage of video-making and the movement of the jewel. Artistar Jewels has therefore given her awareness and professionalism, opening her eyes to the importance of communicating herself and her art in the fascinating world of jewelry.