Artistar Jewels è un progetto del gruppo Prodes Italia che opera da anni nel settore dell’alta gioielleria, del design, del lusso e del wine e dell’arte contemporanea.


Via Sansovino 6 20133 Milano

+39 02 3658 0208

Dario Scapitta

Nature, art, architecture, fashion: these are just some of the many sources of inspiration for the Dario Scapitta Design’s creations. Each object is highlighted by a touch of glamour and elegance, that does not leave you indifferent. Inspiration is the basis of all his creations, the beginning of all. Dario started his brand in 2012, and in 2015 he started participated in international events. In the same year he took part in Artistar Jewels, to challenge his design and push it to the next level. He firmly believes in the importance of participating in fairs more than once, and he believed so much in the project he took part again 2016. He liked the fact that Artistar Jewels is not only an exhibition but it’s a way to find real commercial contacts for the participants. Nowadays he still receives contacts by journalists interested in his works, as well as clients, even though he is more focused on selling in first person the jewels he creates. During his participation in 2016, he started an important collaboration with a gallery from Wien, that had the chance to touch and see the amazing creations he produced during the event organized at HOMI fair. He firmly believes that, from the beginning, his design and brand awareness changed with him, and is now more mature and capable of promoting himself. His work is evolving every day, always looking for new shapes and material combinations. Every collection is designed and produced in The Netherlands in a very limited amount of pieces and on a “made to order” base. This is to avoid over-production and to build a more sustainable and conscious production process in a fashion world of mass and overstocked products. His creations are not just jewelry, but modern body ornaments, ready to highlight every style.