Artistar Jewels è un progetto del gruppo Prodes Italia che opera da anni nel settore dell’alta gioielleria, del design, del lusso e del wine e dell’arte contemporanea.


Via Sansovino 6 20133 Milano

+39 02 3658 0208

Evgeniia Balashova

Evgeniia Balashova took part in for the first time in Artistar Jewels in 2017: it was an interesting experience and her first exhibition outside of the UK. It was also only about 6 months after she graduated from University, so for her, as a young designer, it was an important step in building her confidence to present her work. She won the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana prize, which gave her the chance to travel to Italy again to join its prestigious goldsmith classes of the Milanese academy. In the last two years she took part in a wide variety of exhibitions, events and projects. In 2017 she was selected among the three artists who won the Artist Jewels Award, and had the opportunity to participate for free in the next edition of the event. One of the brooches presented by Evgeniia for the 2018 edition was also published in the prestigious volume “New Brooches” by Nicholas Estrada, a collection that explores the trends of contemporary jewelry with a selection of over 400 creations. Later on she took part in Goldsmiths Fair – the biggest and most important UK based fair for handmade jewellery and one of her pieces – Fiber Ring – was featured in a film created for this fair. Her jewellery were even on catwalk in London as a part of the first alternative fashion show dedicated to contemporary jewellery called Blinkered. After her participation in Artistar Jewels her name gained more and more popularity, her pictures where published everywhere on magazines and social media and nowadays she counts over 30 participations in events and fairs all over the world!