Artistar Jewels è un progetto del gruppo Prodes Italia che opera da anni nel settore dell’alta gioielleria, del design, del lusso e del wine e dell’arte contemporanea.


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Artistar Jewels 2019 Fall Edition

The international and contemporary talents exhibited
at the Milano Jewelry Week – 24th – 27th October 2019

Milan, 10th October 2019

Artistar Jewels is the reference event for the contemporary jewelry world: synonymous with quality and uniqueness, each year it shows the public a selection of over 500 jewelry of author. The event has reached its seventh edition and is proposed as the largest and most cosmopolitan collective of Milano Jewelry Week, a new week of the Milanese schedule entirely dedicated to the world of jewelry. Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan will be the setting for the body ornament on display for experts and enthusiasts of the sector from 24 to 27 October 2019. The exhibition is open with free admission and is supported by the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and CNA Federmoda, which constitutes a national and unitary system of general representation of the Italian fashion industry.

The Founder of Artistar Jewels Enzo Carbone, CEO of Prodes Italia, that company that conceived and organizes the Milano Jewelry Week states: “Artistar Jewels is a project that has grown exponentially in recent years, gathering support from both insiders and a growing number of enthusiasts. The success of Artistar Jewels has given us the opportunity to intercept the need to give the right emphasis to contemporary jewelry, in strong expansion in recent years, creating an entire week dedicated to it: hence the idea of launching in Milan the first Jewelry Week.”

Among the over 500 applications received from all over the world, the Art Direction of Artistar Jewels has selected 150 artists from 40 different countries. Taiwan, Thailand, Lebanon, but also Armenia, Israel and Kuwait: Artistar Jewels opens the doors of Palazzo Bovara to artists from every country, counting in this seventh edition a strong North American presence. The cooperation with the Commercial Office of the American Consulate in Milan played an important part. It contributed to the promotion of the project among American designers and design schools through their offices in the United States. In particular, the U.S. New York’s Export Assistance Center contacted the Diamond District Partnership, which organized a contest to give a New York artist the chance to attend the event with the support from this New York institution. The U.S. Commercial Service is part of the US Department of Commerce and promotes exports of American goods and services by supporting American companies in finding qualified partners.

The selection criteria were the high artistic value, the technical experimentation, the design, the stylistic research, the personal interpretation of traditional techniques, the originality of the themes presented and the technological innovation. Artistar Jewels is an event that offers, at each edition, a new reading on contemporary jewelry, proposing the trends of recent years. Nature with its many facets, the exploration of the human body in an ironic and sometimes uninhibited key, the critique of consumerism and the problems brought about by global pollution are the recurring themes of the 2019 Fall edition. The techniques used range from laser cutting to lost wax, from watermark to hand finishing, through 3D printing, increasingly widespread in this sector, as well as the use of materials, from year to year more green and the result of activities of recycling and upcycling.

The splendid creations of the protagonists of Artistar Jewels 2019 Fall Edition will be shown in the eponymous volume published by Logo Fausto Lupetti, through the images of the jewels captured by the photo shoot entirely edited by the Artistar Jewels team. The book will be available in all bookstores in Italy and the main European capitals from November 2019 and will also be sent to 5,000 employees in the sector, including buyers, concept stores, journalists, fashion stylists and jewelry galleries. Artistar Jewels in addition to the exhibition and editorial part, also realizes a Contest, which was created with the aim of highlighting the artists who most distinguished themselves among the already deserving participants.

The jury of Artistar Jewels, chaired by Elisabetta Barracchia Director of Accessory Vogue Vanity Fair and Wedding Vogue Vanity Fair and composed by Gianni De Liguoro, founding partner and designer of the famous brand De Liguoro, Guido Solari Director of the headquarters of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Via Tortona 26 and SOA Lab & Factory in Via Savona 20 in Milan, Ivan Perini Fine Jewelry & Consultancy, Assamblage – National Contemporary Jewelry Association, Laura Inghirami Founder of Donna Jewel, Irina Slesareva Director of Jewellery Review Magazine and Creative Director of Russian Line Jewellery Contest, Kathy Kraus, independent artist and curator and Matteo D’Agostino, Marketing Manager of VALDO will deliver numerous prizes that will include: a training course at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, an editorial entirely dedicated to an artist selected on the next issue of Accessory Vogue Vanity Fair and Wedding Vogue Vanity Fair, an editorial on Jewellery Review Magazine, a social media campaign on Donna Jewel’s channels, an interview dedicated to a designer on the website and the unique opportunity to create a jewel in collaboration with the famous De Liguoro brand. In addition, a selection of artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their creations at the next international exhibition organized by Assamblage and at the Schumuckgalerie Silbermann on the occasion of the upcoming Munich Jewellery Week. Finally an artist will be honored with the double Magnum signed VALDO, Wine Sponsor of the event.

In addition, the designer Gianni De Benedittis, in collaboration with Artistar Jewels, established the futuroRemoto jewels award which consists of two sums of money that will be assigned, respectively, to a participant of Artistar Jewels and a student of one of the schools taking part in the Milano Jewelry Week, who will have distinguished themselves for their excellent mastery of the goldsmith’s technique and that will have taken into account the needs and trends of the fashion system. The idea is that this contribution can be used to finance their first steps in the world of jewelry. For the selection of the winners of this award the jury will be composed, as well as by Gianni De Benedittis, founder and Creative Director of the futuroRemoto bran, by Simonetta Gianfelici, top model, fashion consultant and talent scout, a representative of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Saturnino Celani, internationally renowned musician and eyewear designer.

Last but not least, the three most voted artists by all the judges will be the winners of the 2019 Fall Edition and, as such, will have the opportunity to participate for free in Artistar Jewels 2020 with special content published in the 2020 edition of the book.

Two exclusive gala nights are organized for participants and distinguished guests of the sector: October 24 will be dedicated to the meeting with the protagonists of the exhibition, buyers and press and on this occasion the artists selected by the international network of galleries and concept stores of Artistar Jewels will be unveiled, while on October 25 there will be the awarding of the winners of the contest followed by a toast offered by the Wine Sponsor VALDO, historic winery of Valdobbiadene, with one of its most “precious” sparkling wines, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG ORO PURO which, for the occasion, will be dressed with a new label which is inspired by the ancient Venetian artisan tradition of goldsmiths and embroiderers.


Artistar Jewel 2019 Fall Edition
Palazzo Bovara di Porta Venezia, 51
24-27 October 2019
Orario: 10 am – 6 pm (open to public – free entrance)
Artist Night: 24 Ottobre ore 4 pm (by invitation)

Awarding Night: 25 Ottobre 2019 ore 6 pm (by invitation)

Artistar Jewels is the reference point for all contemporary jewellery artists and designers. It supports industry operators through different strategies. The purpose is to place them in an ever-changing international market. Artistar Jewels offers many useful services to guide the artists in their path of professional growth: organization of events all over the world, planning of customized communication strategies, creation of new business opportunities and positioning within the reference market. These are just some of the services in support of artists who rely on Artistar Jewels. The goal is to create opportunities for promotion and visibility to help lead selected artists to success.

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