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Artistar Jewels 2016

The pride of the contemporary jewel at Homi

Milan, February 3th 2016

This year again Artistar Jewels represented the beauty and the originality in a totally new location: Homi Fiera Milano. The language of the contemporary jewel changes year after year and Artistar Jewels shared its new expressive features through an exhibition collecting jewellery designers and artists coming from all over the world. Numbers speak for themselves and highlight a great success: 81.450 visitors came to the fair and among them there were several internationals.

The winners of the Artistar Contest 2016 were awarded during this event. All the participants to the project took part in this competition. The totally new aspect of the contest is the voting modality: not a jury of selected experts in the sector but the web users. All of them could register in the web page and express their own preference. Three candidates were chosen by the public as winners: with the ring Desitini, Artisticalmente di Leonardi Emanuele, Roman goldsmith with a very conceptual design, Artefatto, goldsmiths brand from Lecce characterized by a high quality and innovative craftsmanship that was awarderd thanks to the ring Melograno – Il Mito di Persefone, and Angela Malhues Torres, artist deeply influenced by the woman’s role in the Mapuche culture, the pubblic chose her necklace Healing.

The Homi exhibition’s protagonists are the different shades of the contemporary jewel: design creations, innovative craftsmanship and jewels/sculptures characterized by very artistic features. A very captivating setting up increased the value of the exhibited pieces by charming the observer with very innovative and original supporting structures. Not painting canvas but precious wonders were framed and hung to the walls as if they were paintings to be admired. The gold, the precious stones and the silver shone in the display cabinets by taking the forms of bracelets, neckpieces, rings and earrings characterized by a linear design or by more articulated shapes. It was also created a more interactive section in which the necklaces hung from a rope enhancing the relationships between the observer and the exhibited object.

The event also hosted the official launch of the book Artistar Jewels 2016 with the participation of Enzo Carbone (Artistar Jewels founder), Eugenia Gadaleta, fashion communication and writer for Vogue Gioiello, Klimt02 and Gloria Tonini, editor of the famous magazine Collezioni published by Logos Publishing. These journalists made the event even more special by underlining how the project Artistar Jewels satisfies the increasing demands to communicate and promote the always evolving jewellery sector. And now we are curious to meet the new protagonists of the next editions project.

We are a collective of designers, architects, journalists and communication expert aiming to promote design and creativity. Through the web portal, we connect all the key players in the industry by offering multiple services. The portal collects numerous professional operating in the art and international contemporary jewelry sector in order to offer them a dynamic and rich network. Website subscribers have the opportunity to create a personal profile that can be managed independently, providing information related to their job: a virtual storefront to spread their creativity easily and in real time. Site visitors can have a look at the pieces, learn about the design philosophy of their creators and might contact the artists. Registered users can enjoy a wide range of services useful for promotion and work training. They are also offered contests, free workshops, events, business partnerships and much more.

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